Cultural Programmes

At NZCYT, we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of engaging and educational activities and programmes. Our goal is to empower Chinese youths to explore their interests, develop skills, and connect with the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. Even while growing up in New Zealand, our young participants have the opportunity to embrace the essence of Chinese civilization, linking themselves to our cultural heritage. Our holiday programmes and cultural projects offer a vibrant array of learning experiences, providing a platform for growth, discovery, and joy for young individuals!


Holiday Programme

Held during the spring and autumn school breaks, this week-long camp spans five days of immersive experiences. Open to children aged 5-13, our programme offers more than just childcare or single-interest workshops. Participants will enjoy activities such as traditional Chinese cultural experiences, Mandarin language immersion, safety awareness, environmental education, and youth leadership training. By the end of the camp, children walk away with enhanced skills in various aspects, becoming a part of our young leader training!



Diabolo Club

Experience the thrill of diabolo spinning at our vibrant club! Originating from ancient Chinese traditions, diabolo is a captivating skill toy that combines dexterity, rhythm, and flair. Join us to learn new tricks, improve coordination, and share the joy of this cultural pastime with fellow enthusiasts. All skill levels welcome—whether you’re a beginner or an experienced spinner, the Diabolo Club is your gateway to the timeless excitement of this Chinese activity!



Guzheng Music Education

Step into the captivating world of Guzheng music with our Enlightenment Programme, designed to enhance the cultural literacy of Chinese youths through musical education. The Guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument renowned for its beautiful melodies, offers a unique avenue for self-expression and cultural appreciation. Through expert guidance from instructors, workshops, and performances, participants will refine their musical talents while deepening their understanding and emotional connection to Chinese cultural heritage. Explore the enchantment of Guzheng music and join us on this melodious journey!



Why Choose Our Programmes?

  • Expert Instruction: Our programmes are led by experienced instructors passionate about sharing their knowledge and fostering growth in every participant.
  • Cultural Connection: Explore and celebrate Chinese heritage through engaging activities and projects that promote cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Fun and Friendship: Create lasting memories and friendships in a welcoming and supportive environment where youths can thrive.
  • Personal Development: Build confidence, creativity, and valuable life skills through hands-on learning experiences and team-based activities.


  • 專業指導: 我們的課程由資深導師帶領,他們熱情洋溢,致力於分享知識和技能,幫助每位參與者成長。
  • 文化連結: 透過豐富的活動和項目,一同探索、慶祝中國文化,促進文化理解與欣賞,培養提高對華人身份的認同感。
  • 歡樂與友誼: 在溫馨的環境中,建立友誼,留下美好的回憶,讓青少年茁壯成長。
  • 個人成長: 通過實踐學習和團隊活動,培養自信、創造力和實用的生活技能。

Ready to Get Started?

Browse our past and upcoming events, learn more about each programme. For inquiries or more information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to the NZCYT community!