Holiday Programme

The Holiday Programme is jointly organized by New Zealand Chinese Youth Foundation (NZCYT) and Joy College. The programme is five days a week during the school holidays every year.

The programme is for children aged 5-13. This is not an ordinary holiday childcare service or a single interest learning class. Activities include traditional Chinese cultural experience, Chinese language immersion teaching and practice, various practical safety, environmental protection related knowledge and skills learning, etc. After the five-day camp in a week, the trainees will improve their knowledge and skills in many aspects.

Another focus of this programme is to provide opportunity to train young leaders. Children over the age of 13 can sign up to become Youth Volunteer, and we have a special supporting training plan. This volunteer service can count toward your child’s community service hours.

These young leaders who participated in the training will learn and practice skills such as activity design, teamwork, team leadership, safety control, crisis management, site planning and layout, equipment use and management, etc. There are also opportunities to learn a variety of talents.



這個營會的另一個重點,就是我們NZCYT作為培訓青年小領袖的絕佳機會。13歲以上的孩子,可以報名成為Youth Volunteer,我們有一個專門的配套培訓計畫。這個義工服務可以記入孩子的社區服務時數。