New Zealand Chinese Youth Trust

The New Zealand Chinese Youth Trust is a non-profit organisation established in 1999 and is an approved charity for tax rebates. The main purpose of the Trust is to empower young Chinese people to maximise their potential, and ultimately to contribute to New Zealand society.

The Trust aims to equip youths of Chinese origin, residing in New Zealand, with the necessary social, leadership and life skills to become fully integrated and contributing members of New Zealand society. It aims to address the alienation felt by many young Chinese migrants who are prevented from involvement in the mainstream community due to language and cultural barriers. Through the Chinese Youth Developmental Programme, the Trust hopes to encourage the development of positive interests from a young age, to promote local community involvement, and to provide these youths with positive social and support networks to build self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

In response to the growing number of Chinese youths sojourning in and migrating to New Zealand, an increasing number of programmes had to be developed. It has become increasingly impossible for these projects to be undertaken solely by volunteers in their spare time. A part-time worker was hired in 2002 to implement these programmes, resulting in the introduction of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Scheme and St. John Newmarket Youth Division. A Regional Office was set up in July 2004, with a full-time youth worker, the Sea Scout and Young Chinese Safety Ambassador Groups were developed. The contributions of these individuals, as well as continued funding, have enabled the Trust to expand and increase the scope of activities beneficial to Chinese youth.

Background Information

The growing number of Chinese youths settling in New Zealand has created a need for quality youth services for the young Chinese generation. The majority of these youths are at a critical stage of formation, where they face the developmental task of achieving a personal identity and positive self-concept. This is the stage where providing guidance and opportunities for growth are crucial. We believe that well-organised training programmes and projects can promote youth development, as well as prevent youths from going astray.

Ongoing Programmes

Since its inception, the Trust has organised various activities for Chinese youths and their parents. Leadership workshops provide youths with the skills to form and lead a team. Other activities include seminars on sex education, environmental protection, and water and road safety.

Parents can also attend seminars covering topics such as communication, alcohol and drug related issues, and sex education within the family.

The main activities organised by the Trust include the St. John Youth Divisions, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, the Milford Sea Scout Group and the Young Chinese Ambassadors Group. Various other workshops and courses are run regularly.